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What a Plant needs...?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Like Humans, Plants basic necessities are quite simple yet essential.

For instance neither can survive long without any of the following

Water, that needs to be moving to transport oxygen. Also acts as a carrier transport for our nutrients if water PH and EC are within limits. *A water test should be taken for your property or project so you have a standard baseline.

Nutrition, preferably stored in the soil food web but can also be water soluble in the form of compost teas, aquaponics, duckponics, or made made concentrates (last option) *The PH and EC of the water must be checked if your choosing to mix your own nutrients .

Sun, critical for plants converting raw elements into sugars. (H2O,CO2,etc)

Space, to start a new life efficiently and to grow into resilently.


Time, often overlooked yet never forgotten. All things take time to grow, flourish, and decompose for the future generations to live off of.

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