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Mission Statement

We aid in the soil building process. For future decades to use and not just our daily desires.  That is our main concern. For the health of a nation is dependent on the health it's topsoil. Somewhere along the line this has been forgotten. Overly abundant, ofter overlooked, one of the most visible parts of your property has a high probability of needing care. One reason is due to humans insistence on "acceptable" yard maintenance, house building codes, and our poor energy consumption habits.

There are many different ways to build soil. The first that comes to mind is probably in your garden, you are not wrong, and if you feed the soil the plant will have food for future seasons. 

But the many different ways you can build soil can blow ones mind. Soil can be conserved through efficient watering practices. The ways in which we conserve water can truly astonish, considering Thermoelectric-power withdrawals accounted for 41% (down from 59%)  of total water withdrawals for the Nation. All but one percent came from surface water. So if you can figure out the ways in which you want to save energy you will also be saving soil.

Irrigation, the most obvious culprit, has many different factors to consider when we discuss efficiency and resiliency. For example, correct plant in the correct place, do I protect the soil with living or decomposing mulch, what is the native plant community, can I interchange any of these with fruit bearing trees, how can I slow the movement of water on land, can I reuse any water throughout the process?


The most important part  (beside building soil) is to make the process enjoyable. Consider Nature as the true Teacher, her changing cycles take many seasons of observation to reveal her secrets. That is why your vision is most valuable. You have and will care for this property long after our partnership. My passion and experience is at your service as long as the Soil take priority.  The worst that can happen is we build some soil for the future.

Exploration Discovery Center - Aquaponics, 10,000 gal H20 catchment, 

Permaculture Street Corner - duck pond, laundry to landscape, living fence

15 Acre Fruit Tree Guild

20 Acre homestead Design Install 

Tesla Powell Wall SGIP - Up to $30,000 dollars back 

Information pertains to the land and your future plans. Includes; Site ID, USGS soil map survey, soil test(s), water holding capacity, water test, GIS data, key-line contour plan, Solar path, Solar max/min, wind patters, Climate data macro/micro, extreme weather, flora, fauna, native vegetation, interchangeable guilds, resilient landscape/firescape, Passive solar house outline, animal care, and return on investment (ROI) for each installation,  How thorough your report is depends on the length of your consultation.




September 2021

Permeable pathways installed to save, spread, and sink the  rain water during our drought. Multiple options, Ask us how? 


October 2021

Rainwater Catchment installed at Children's Exploration Discovery Center, 10,000 gallon ofset.


November 2021

Replaced front lawn with invasive crab grass with California native guild. Rebate after installation.*
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